What Paints do you use?

We ONLY use Skin safe paints, makeup, powder and cosmetic grade glitter 

Can I bring a Chaperone?

For your security and peace of mind you are allowed ONLY ONE chaperone.. (we might even put him/her to work) however NO CHILDREN under 18 .. and please do not get in the way of the creative process and refrain from taking pictures over our photographer/artist.. take them BEFORE or AFTER the session has ended.

How many images can i have?

We try to be very deliberate with the photo session you will get (10)  Hi-Res images for you to keep, to which you choose one for substrate print of your choice then (1) for digital composite (as per agreed session)

How long are the sessions?

Sessions can be 2-6 hours depending on complexity. Please plan accordingly

I have a kick ass idea I've been meaning to do can you accommodate?

Heck Ya!!! We love the challenge!! Although please give us time to accommodate special requests especially when it come to Props, and or Headpiece concepts